Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Our tracking system is reliable giving you the exact location of the vehicle in real-time on the tracking map. Ours is not among those tracking systems that give you a location around there or some meters away or having to send an SMS or calling a number to track the vehicle that sometimes never gives a reply or if it does giving inaccurate location; for us if it’s at point A that’s where it will be as per the coordinates. It shows the current vehicle status parked, idling, driving etc. with a lot of accuracy.


We have made it easy to track a vehicle since you can monitor it on your mobile phone using our mobile App “CTRACK_FMA” for both iPhone and Android phones.

To track on a remote desktop, all you need to do is to open the tracking URL TRACK MY VEHICLE and login with the provided username and password.

To track on a remote desktop, all you need to do is to open the tracking URL (Click Here) and login with the provided username and password

Vehicle Tracking Features

Real-time Location and Movement

Real-time location and movement of the vehicle showing the vehicle status at that particular time i.e. driving, parked, idling etc. as well as the location address on the map.

E-mail and SMS Alerts

Our tracking system has the email and SMS alerts i.e. Emergency alarm, Over-speed alarm, external power disconnection alarm, fuel down alarm, enter fence alarm, exit fence alarm, Route deviation alarm, Harsh acceleration alarm, Harsh braking alarm, Refueling alarm, Offline alarm and Online alarm. With this, you can set like the speed limit and whenever the driver violates by driving past the speed limit the vehicle will send an over-speeding SMS or Email alert.

Disable/Enable Vehicle Engine.

Our tracking system has an engine immobilizer where you can remotely switch the vehicle engine On and Off from your mobile phone or from a remote desktop.

Mileage Check

Our tracking system enables you to check the total mileage covered by the vehicle today as well as check mileage covered for any specific day or for a certain period i.e. days, week, month etc.

Historical Playback.

With our tracking system you are able to playback the vehicle movements including the stop times and route for any chosen date from the date of installation.


Set the geo-fence location that will be the vehicle area of operation and receive and email or SMS alert whenever the vehicle crosses the set geo-fence location.

Voice Monitoring

With our vehicle tracking system, we do install a hidden microphone inside the vehicle that will enable the owner to listen to the conversation of what is happening inside the vehicle.

Traffic Monitoring

Our tracking system has a unique feature that enable you see the road traffic on the tracking map. This is very important since it will help in choosing the best route to take where there is no much traffic and at the same time estimate the duration to take if on traffic.