Vehicle Fleet Managament

Vehicle Fleet Management

When an organization or an individual owns more than one vehicle to manage them becomes a bit complex considering that they are movable asset. We as CTRACK [K] LTD have provided the fleet management solution to very many private and public companies, institutions, government agencies, organizations and individuals and aided them in effectively managing their resource. A vehicle can be at point A now and the next minute can be at point B considering it’s a movable asset and it can get very complex when one is managing very many vehicles.

We offer a fleet management solution where the fleet managers can track location and movement of the fleet on their mobile phone or on a remote desktop. No need of logging on different systems to check status or location of a particular vehicle of a fleet one username and password will perform this tasks as well as having user access level.

Fleet manager will just download our fleet management App CTRACK_FMA or on remote desktop to open the URL and login with the provided username and password to manage their fleet.

RFID Card For Fleet Management

There will be situations where in an organization or company various drivers will drive a vehicle and for better follow-up on who was driving a vehicle at a given time our system has Radio Frequency Identifier Keypad/card/biometric where before the driver can start a vehicle he/she will have to key in his/her password, use the card or activate biometrically for the vehicle to start.

This functionality ensures there is control in usage of the vehicle and at the same time have a follow-up whenever there is any misuse since fleet managers will have the data of who was driving the vehicle at that particular time or period there was vehicle damage.