Vehicle CCTV Surveillance

Vehicle CCTV Surveillance

For quite a long time tracking solutions providers in Kenya have offered customers GPS tracking solution only showing location and movement of the vehicle; at CTRACK [K] LTD we have upskilled the service to provide real-time video monitoring.

With this solution you not only track the vehicle location and movements but see real-time images on your mobile phone or computer of what is happening both on the inside and on the outside of the vehicle whether parked or in motion at the comfort of your home or office.

We install a durable DVR fit for a vehicle being a movable asset and CCTV cameras (from 1 camera to 8 cameras) on the vehicle and connect your mobile phone or computer to enable you view real-time footages on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or on a remote desktop as well as playing back the videos.

Vehicle CCTV Surveillance Features

Real-Time Viewing

We install and setup cameras on your movable asset a solution we refer to as vehicle CCTV surveillance and you will be able to view real-time images of the inside and outside of the vehicle from your mobile phone or on a remote desktop as it is happening at that particular time.

Real-Time Tracking

Our vehicle CCTV surveillance solution is an add-on to our basic solution the vehicle tracking thus it has the tracking feature showing vehicle location and the movements in real-time on the tracking map.

Listening to Audio 

Rarely do CCTV solution come with listening to audio feature; our Vehicle CCTV surveillance solution comes with audio listening feature where you are able to listen to conversation of the occupants on the vehicle as well as during playback of recorded video you can be able to hear what the occupants said earlier on.


You can reliably playback the video footages of what happened at a certain given time. The playback plays the audio too where you are able to hear what the occupants of the vehicle said.

24 Hours CCTV coverage

With our Vehicle CCTV surveillance solution, you are able to view the 24hr footages even when the vehicle was parked and not being used i.e. at night thus not only providing security on when the vehicle is being driven but even when the vehicle was not attended to.