Vehicle Fuel Monitoring

Vehicle Fuel Monitoring

We as have concentrated in offering our clients an accurate and reliable vehicle fuel monitoring system. It shows the total fuel in litters in the tank, the total refuel in litters, the total fuel consumption in litters as well as total removed fuel from the vehicle fuel tank in litters with an accuracy of between 95% to 100%.

A major resource consumed by a vehicle is fuel/diesel that’s why it’s so important to install a fuel monitoring system especially when managing more than two vehicles mostly vehicle for commercial use.

Our fuel monitoring system has aided many of our customers who are using it to reduce their fuel budget by over 20% by permanently stopping fuel siphoning as well as significantly assist them in managing the resource. The instruction to fuel the vehicle comes from the owner/person managing the vehicle on behalf of the owner not from the driver thus management of the resource is well controlled.

Vehicle Fuel Monitoring Services Features

Vehicle Tracking

Our fuel monitoring service being an add on to the tracking system comes with all the features of our Vehicle tracking solution i.e. Real-time tracking, vehicle status, immobilizer, historical playback and reports.


Our tracking system has been tried, used and confirmed to be very accurate with an accuracy of between 95% to 100% and in most cases 98% having a plus or minus 2 litters difference.


With our tracking system, you can generate the fuel report from your mobile phone using the App CTRACK_FMA or from any remote desktop. Mostly transport managers will be out of the office managing the fleet and thus having the report on the mobile phone will efficiently aid them to manage the resource without waiting to go back to the office where they can have access to the computer.

Refueling Monitoring 

With our fuel monitoring system, you can monitor any refueling in litters, total consumption in litters verses the mileages covered, total fuel in litters that has been siphoned/removed legally or illegally from the vehicle and the total fuel in the fuel tank at that particular time. Sharp vertical line going upward on the graph indicates refueling while sharp vertical line going downwards indicates siphoning/legal fuel removal.

E-mail and SMS Alert

Our vehicle fuel monitoring system generates refueling and removed fuel SMS and email alerts at that particular time the incident is happening as well the exact location its happening.

Fuel Sensor tampering Alert

If the fuel sensor that fetches information directly from the fuel tank is tampered with the owner will not get accurate information on fuel. In case of fuel sensor tampering, our system will generate an email or the SMS alert indicating that there is fuel sensor disconnection alarm at that particular time that is happening and location where it’s happening.