Auto-Watch Alarm

Auto-Watch Alarm

Auto-watch alarm is a remote activated alarm system with perimeter and interior protection plus is the best of the best alarm thus a high-end of all the alarms.

We are an authorized distributor for the Auto-watch alarm being an alarm that comes with the Anti-hijack functionality. We resell the Auto-watch alarm and at the same time offering free installation services to all our clients.

Auto-watch Alarm Features

Durable and Reliable 

It’s a durable and reliable car alarm that once installed there are no cases of failure with a life span of close to 10 years.


The auto-watch alarm has an ant-hijack functionality where if a door is opened you have to press a hidden button location only known to the driver to stop the trigger otherwise the vehicle will just stop and the alarm goes off.

Inbuilt Cut-off

The auto-watch alarm has an inbuilt cut-off where the original wirering system of the vehicle is never interfered with to install a modified cut off thus best suited for all types and models of the vehicle.

User Friendly

The auto-watch alarm remote is very user friendly simple and easy to use since it only comes with one button not like other alarms that have many operational buttons. It’s also very small in size not making the car keys look or get bulky.